The "Breaking Bad" Edit Taylor Swift Clearly Envisioned When Writing "We Are Never"

As Taylor knew it would, the speculation has run rampant about who her chart-topping single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is about—Jake Gyllenhaal? Marc Foster? Adam Young of Owl City (he wishes)? But here's one we're betting not a whole lot of people have been guessing: Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Yes, the twoBreaking Bad main characters have embraced Taylor Swift's breakup anthem as their own, in Teddie Films' sure-to-be-viral video "We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together."

As with Teddie Films' previous pop parodies, the Star Wars-themed "Star Wars That We Used to Know" and "Primeday," the appeal is in the level of detail on display—both in terms of the Breaking Bad references (Skylar swigging from the bottle, Hank and the Los Pollos chicken chilling during the chorus, the split-second shot of Walt's enormous pile of money) and the "We Are Never" video (the one-shot look, Walt "lying in bed" a la Taylor, Walt and Jessie arguing on other sides of the wall like Taylor & her BF).

Worth a watch. Only another year or so until the second half of Season Five!


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