Another sign that the proposed 2Ge+her reunion is actually happening? The group's four remaining members being spotted singing "U+Me=Us" on the streets of Los Angeles. No, it's not that they've taken to busking since the well of a hit television movie ran dry, it's that talk of revisiting their brand of goofball ballad has made them in demand once again. Cameras "caught" the four emerging from the studio after reportedly working on material for their May 4 live show, scheduled to place at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. It's a shame that The Staples Center is probably booked—NBA playoffs and all.

Don't take this the wrong way, late '90s MTV fanatics, but they all look so old! Conversely, Doug (Kevin Farley), "The Older Brother," looks better? That denim tuxedo must be from the Timberlake Collection. "The key to the comeback is singing about sex," said Jerry (Evan Farmer), allowing Mickey Parke (Alex Solowitz) to reveal one of the group's upcoming tracks, "I Bet You Regret Having Sex With Me Now." Mathematics continues to be a prevalent theme and/or crutch across pop but we certainly missed the accompanying hand gestures. These guys + One Direction-level fandom = 10 years ago. See how much fun this is, Nick Lachey? Stop resisting.


Surfers respond to quick sales

The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) August 20, 2001 | Compiled by Rick House Despite the grim outlook for most dot-coms, two major Web measurement firms report online shopping from familiar retailers is still a thriving business. go to web site american airlines promotion code

Last week, American Airlines held a one-day sale, and adults flew to the site in record numbers. The American Airlines promotion sent Web surfers flocking to the Travelocity Web site ( to buy the discount tickets.

According to Web measurement firm Nielsen/NetRatings, traffic to the travel-oriented Web site was up 74 percent the day of the promotion.

Daily traffic to Travelocity spiked to 436,000 unique visitors who spent about 8 minutes each on the site -- presumably looking for discount flights on American Airlines.

"One-day promotions can be very effective in attracting potential customers," said NetRatings Director and Chief Analyst Lisa Strand. She said this type of "one-day-only" special causes consumers to respond quicker than they might otherwise.

If other online pursuits besides shopping interest you, here are some Web sites worth considering:

* Talking to Koko: In 1971, Francine "Penny" Patterson began teaching Koko, a newborn lowland gorilla, American Sign Language. Koko proved an able pupil, and her vocabulary has grown to 1,000 words. This Web site has interesting and informative information for kids and parents alike.

First stop for elementary-age students should be the excellent Koko's Kids Club. Older students will find oodles of information about the amazing "talking" Koko in Koko's World, plus general gorilla background material in About Gorillas. Teachers can receive a free information packet by clicking on the Teacher icon at the top of the Kids Club. website american airlines promotion code * Back to school fun: It's that time of year again, when kids bemoan the end of summer and parents rejoice that they will finally have a bit of peace and quiet. If you and your children have spent the entire summer having fun in the sun, now might be a good time to brush up on some of those educational skills needed for the upcoming school year. proves that the learning endeavor doesn't have to be a chore. The site offers a host of games, including Math Baseball, Grammar Gorillas and Brain Bowl. It also has resources for teachers and parents and a quiz lab. Compiled by Rick House