The Chainsmokers' 'Roses' Is Bieber Approved—Watch Now!

If you're done taking a Selfie now, The Chainsmokers' Roses will be your next addiction (if it isn't already). And Justin Bieber approves 100 percent. During his media blitz in New York City this week, in support of his brand new No. 1 hit What Do You Mean? (his first trip to the Hot 100 summit ever), the pop singer stopped by the Z100 studio to chat about the track, as well as his forthcoming new full-player. When asked what his favorite song is at the moment, he quickly replied, ""I like The Chainsmokers. 'Roses.'"

So, don't feel guilty for liking the feverish electro-pop track, too. We won't tell anyone.

Roses, featuring Rozez, follows a sequence of releases, including Kanye, Let You Go and last year's blockbuster (and rather controversial) #Selfie clip. The Roses official music video bowed last month, with a bonus behind-the-scenes music video-like featurette chronicling their global escapades. "The video is really about our lives while on the road, juxtaposed with the special small moments we get to spend with our girls," EDM masterminds Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall told Mashable earlier this summer. "We feel like it captures the spirit of the song in a really honest way, in the classic tour video perspective. We travel a lot away from family and friends, but our jobs are addicting — along with all the moments we get to share with each other, our fans and girls along the way." Grab a copy of The Chainsmokers' Roses on Apple Music.

On the success of What Do You Mean?, Bieber didn't hold back his excitement with radio host Mo Bounce. "Woo! #1, baby! Regardless, if I wasn't [the youngest male ever to bow at #1], that's still dope. I don't necessarily need it, but it feels good because it's good music. It's the music that I want to put out. It was all from my soul, so that's what feels awesome." Bieber's feat has also earned him a Guinness World Records plaque, commemorating the achievement, which he was presented with during his Today Show appearance this week.

Check out the complete interview below:

Meanwhile, Bieber's next studio album is expected to arrive November 13. Songwriter and long-time collaborator Poo Bear has gone on recording to compare the record to Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller disc.  "It was a trying time but we made it through, and he definitely matured, which leads us to this new album," he told Rolling Stone. "It's incredible. And if I had to compare it to something, not the sound of it but the impact and amount of songs that are undeniable, I would have to compare it to Thriller."

He added, "There would be times where I would bring up, like 'Hey, can we do some EDM, a little electronica with a hint of R&B?' He'd be like, 'No, I want to sing R&B.' In the back of my mind I'm like, 'Man. I'm working with the biggest pop star in the world, and we're doing R&B.' I love R&B because it got me to where I am today, but at the same time R&B just doesn't sell."

Bieber's What Do You Mean? is available for purchase on Apple Music, as well.

[PHOTO CREDIT: D Dipasupil/Getty]

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