One would think the commercial under-performance of things like Snakes on a Plane would have established that just because you can make an online joke into something real doesn't mean you should. But some people never learn! The Chronicles of Rick Roll, a seemingly farcical trailer for a seemingly nonexistent movie in which various viral video stars do their various things while swinging swords, went around yesterday, and we all had a good laugh.

It was a bunch of viral video people!  All in the same room!  Just like that South Park episode!  (Though with a totally different collection of people, which says something about the shelf-life of YouTube stars.) But it can't be an actual movie, right? Au contraire!  Movie producer Andrew Fischer says "the movie is not a prank," and that it is totally going to happen, because why wouldn't it? He also says "A lot of people will be very surprised by the plot," which is almost certainly true.

But why do this in the first place? Because it's economically efficient, of course! Fischer argues: "Instead of going to Hollywood for expensive A-list actors, why not sign people on with a name who command an audience?" And by "people" he means "unattractive screwballs who are famous for acting like jackasses." So that should go well.