The Diary of a Kanye Apologist

Alternatively, The Field Manual for the Kanye Militia

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September 2, 2005

PREACH, KANYE! LET AMERICAN KNOW! Look, America is crying, and the black people in Louisiana are left suffering. Kanye is saying what we're all thinking right now, and it is a national travesty. Good on Kanye for using his platform to say what's on his mind. Kanye's a socially conscious rapper, what did you expect to happen when you put him in front of a camera?

November 2, 2006

Look, you gotta respect Kanye for being a proud man who's unashamed to say that his work is the best. I mean, I think the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. video was a little better than the "Touch the Sky" video, but Kanye has the right to dissent. Actually, you gotta love the way he's fighting for his recognition here. He's a brave artist, and the way he stands up for himself is a testament to how strong his art is.

September 9, 2009

Beyond the fact that Beyonce's video was way better than Taylor's, you gotta look at what Kanye's been up to. His fiance broke up with him, and his mother died. He brought an open half-drunken bottle of Hennessy to the red carpet of the VMAs. This is just a drunken act that was done at the wrong time and the wrong place. Can you blame him? Besides, he didn't literally attack Taylor like John Lennon beat his wife. Not to mention that he's sticking up for his best friend's wife! Wouldn't you kill to have a friend that stands up for you like that? (Besides, we will later discover that Taylor Swift is a snake)

February 8, 2015

Okay, so Beck can play a ton of different instruments, and he's well-respected and fully deserves a Grammy... but Beck himself said that he loved Kanye's music! Besides, Kanye apologized, and said it was wrong for him to say what he did. Anyway, Kanye never won Album of the Year for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy so who's the real victim here? Can we just let it go? Please?

February 9, 2016

Alright, so I know this looks bad, but Kanye, along with the rest of America, probably grew up with Bill Cosby as a wholesome idol. I'm sure there are a lot of thoughts that he's processing, and he's conflicted about the allegations. Not to say anything bad about the poor women who had the courage to come forth of course... I mean, I don't condone what Kanye's saying, but maybe we should try to understand?

November 17, 2016

Goddammit, Kanye.