The Duggar Family Plan To Put A Positive Spin On Child Molesting

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TLC has officially cancelled 19 And Counting, but will produce a one-hour documentary about child molestation and child abuse featuring Jill and Jessa Duggar.

The documentary will be part of a larger campaign to raise awareness about child sexual abuse.

I'm going to call this 'Making Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons.'  Just substitute 'Duggars' for 'lemons.'

President of TLC Marjorie Kaplan explains:

We took it as an opportunity to step further than just 'How do we protect ourselves?' and step into 'How do we protect our audience and protect children?'

Isn't that nice and socially responsible? Too bad we weren't all protected earlier but oh well, better late than never. Kaplan adds:

Our hope is to do more of that, in a way that's thoughtful and respectful of the victims of child abuse - in the Duggar family and across America.

No doubt the channel and the Duggars are eager to put the whole molesting business behind them, but according to US magazine, the family is still under investigation by local law enforcement and the Department of Social Services.

In their interview with Fox TV, both Jill and Jessa Duggar attempted to minimize the impact of being molested by their brother, insisting that many girls go through things 'way worse.'

And yet, not being molested by your brother is way, way better.

We will see how the documentary manages to address the issue. If the girls do well, it's a happy coincidence that a network spokesperson has already noted that a spin-off of the cancelled show, featuring 'some' of the Duggar children, has not been ruled out.

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