The "El Camino" Trailer Is a Trauma-Fueled Nightmare

"El Camino" picks up where "Breaking Bad" left off—which is very bad for Jesse Pinkman.

[This article contains Breaking Bad spoilers.]

Sequels are always crapshoots, especially when they come years after the conclusion of a widely lauded and definitively concluded franchise.

The sequel to Breaking Bad comes six years after Walter White bled out to the tune of Badfinger's "Baby Blue," cementing his place as one of television's best antiheroes. But Walter White's story could never have happened without his foil and second-in-command: the erratic, impulsive Jesse Pinkman.

We last saw Jesse, blood-soaked and shattered, driving away from the neo-Nazi meth lab where White died. He'd suffered through an unimaginable amount of trauma and violence, and it was hard to imagine how he'd continue on.

Now, we'll get our answer. El Camino picks up where the series left off, diving straight back into Jesse's storyline. The trailer, at least, looks promising. Through a series of dark, dimly lit vignettes, it provides a window into Jesse's distorted state of mind and his scarified body, seemingly choosing to reflect his internal world rather than providing hints at any form of the movie's plot. The song "Black Water" by Reuben and the Dark makes the whole thing feel surreal and dreamlike.

Though it mostly remains abstract, the trailer offers glimpses of the violent fallout Jesse certainly faces from his connections with Heisenberg. Jesse's identity was largely shaped around and controlled by Walter White, who also controlled and manipulated the show's entire narrative, so it'll be interesting to see how Jesse and the story fare on their own.

While it's hard to imagine that El Camino could actually provide a satisfying follow-up to Breaking Bad, in some ways it seems fitting that Jesse has been reborn from the ashes. He frequently draws comparisons to Jesus Christ, as he always seemed to suffer for Walter White's sins and maintained a shadow of morality as he spiraled deeper into drug-fueled chaos (which is more than most characters on the show can say). Judging by this trailer and by the nature of Vince Gilligan's writing, Jesse won't catch a break anytime soon.

El Camino debuts in some theaters and on Netflix on October 11.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix

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