Following Katy Perry's annoyingly specific tour demands (a white and pink color scheme, Synder's honey mustard pretzels, absolutely no carnations, etc.) the Foo Fighters, or at least their tour manager Gus Brandt, are having fun with the perception that rock stars are high maintenance, spoiled beings, who are better handled when treated like the oversized children they are. (The latter may be true.) In a brilliant 52-page tour rider, obviously created in the hopes that it would go viral, the "Catering Visual Enhancements & Activities section uses illustrations and word games to depict what differentiates between a good and a bad salad, why a turkey club and potato chips does not make a full entree and where the world's best ice cubes come from. Brandt also shares some helpful tips his fellow men can live by: Chicks dig scars, men should never wear turtlenecks and Ty Cobb is the greatest baseball player of all time. (Debatable.) Cute! How many bands are generous enough to create an activities booklet for the crew working on their shows? But about that garden salad—they're still expecting that in a timely manner. Pick up the pace, people.

[TSG via Carr2n]