The Full Version of Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" Is Out, And It's Awful Purdy

Just a day after previewing her upcoming song "Begin Again" on the Today Show, Taylor Swift has released the full version of the song, and it's even more country than we originally thought.

The four-minute ode to newfound love finds Taylor giving a callback to her Nashville sound of old, with more mandolin and pedal-steel guitars than were apparent in the preview. And, because this is a Taylor Swift song, we also learn more things that sucked about her ex. Did you know he didn't even like it when she wore heels? What a jerk.

Of course, with new every T-Swift track it seems we must continue to play the Taylor Swift Relationship Guessing Game but with a song this vulnerable, it feels wrong, in a way. This is a very sweet song, you guys—don't ruin it by speculating whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal hates jokes in real life, or if Conor Kennedy really loves James Taylor. (Besides, if it's about Conor, the repeated line "You threw your head back laughing like a little kid," would gross us out so much, and we don't want to be grossed out!)

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