The Game Half-Apologizes For Twitter Stunt

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After initially taunting the LAPD in response to his Twitter prank over the weekend, The Game has put his tail between his legs and come forward with the requisite, if not publicist-sanctioned, apology. The rapper caused a minor controversy by tweeting a 10 digit number—that turned out to be the Compton, Calif. sheriff's help line—under the ruse that it would lead to an internship opportunity on Friday, leading the LAPD to complain about tied up phone lines and threaten him with obstruction of justice charges. "I never want to be the source of anything happening wrong to anybody or anybody not being able to get through to the help lines at the police station," he explained on CNN Wednesday night, calling it one big "mishap" that began when his goofball buddies started tweeting from his phone—apparently a pretty common occurrence in their social circle.

Of course, this explanation that serves to rid him of all responsibility. It seems The Game learned the meaning of "apologize" during his days at the School of Always Being Right, as he frequently undercut sincere statements with flashes of stubbornness ("I never intended for anybody to take it the wrong way or for it to go this far. I think it's all nonsense."). He'll apologize for tying up a phone line, but will have you know that it's not really the one people use in case of emergency. "It's a ten digit toll free number," he explained. "When people are in trouble they call 911..." Apples to oranges, guys. At least let's agree that this televised interview could be one dangerous drinking game: everytime someone says "tweet" prepare to chug. And hello, you're drunk.

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