We always suspected that L.A. rapper The Game was a closet Jerky Boys fan, and now we know for sure. Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, caused a ruckus over the phone lines of the sheriff's office in Compton, CA, when he tweeted about an internship opportunity and listed their phone number in the contact info. Tech-savvy HQ bureau Captain Mike Parker, tracked down the source of the countless calls, and asked the rapper to remove the tweet with the erroneous contact number. He did, but refused to apologize or take responsibility, blaming the prank on a friend. Eventually, he tweet-taunted the department, saying "Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders ! Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job."

Always a humorless bunch, the department is now considering bringing legal action against The Game for prompting the deluge of calls. The charges Taylor would face include delaying or obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duties. An incredulous Taylor once again took to Twitter to laugh about the possibility: "I can see it now: 'What u in 4 homie.. robbery. What about u dog... Murder. Aye... What u in here 4 game... (Pokes Chest Out) A TWEET' !!!" Hey, it's about time that gangsta rap moved into the 21st century.

[Rolling Stone]

For those who have shopped and dropped; A few suggestions for your holiday party and present planning

Chicago Sun-Times November 23, 2007 | Chris Whitehead Some of you have been out shopping since midnight, or 4 in the morning, or however early your store of choice decided to open today.

Not me. I've been studying up on holiday party plans. According to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas survey, 38 percent of companies are boosting their party budgets this year. web site google gravity download

But 10 percent of those asked said their company never has a holiday party. We need to do something for you people.

If nothing else, you should go to www.generouspour.com.

Not only can you download a free special remix by Corinne Bailey Rae of "Like a Star," but Clos du Bois Wines will donate $1 per download to Share Our Strength.

Elsewhere on the site, you can find out how to organize your own party -- or a charitable fund-raiser -- and find advice from six chefs, including Martial Noguier of OneSixtyblue.

His holiday recipe is for boneless bobwhite quail, which I haven't seen at the grocery, but his music playlist is all Ray Charles, so he's OK.

For more holiday suggestions, there's even a downloadable Holiday Party Kit with lots of ideas.

EATING FOR CHARITY Another way to help people in need this year is to eat caramels.

Specifically Das Caramelini from Das Foods, which will donate 10 percent of net profits from specially marked Caramelini to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. "Caramels for Cure," they're calling it.

And Das Foods' newest flavor will be rolled out at the World of Chocolate fund-raiser Thursday. How does "Chinese 'Thinking' Plum" sound?

THE THINGS WE PUT UP OUR NOSES A colleague spotted an ad for a prescription allergy medicine the other day and was intrigued by this warning: "How Veramyst works is not entirely understood." How it's spelled isn't well understood, either, since you can find both Veramist and Veramyst when you Google it, but the packaging uses the Y.

It's a nasal spray of something called fluticasone furoate, and no matter how it works, its maker wants you to know its side effects "include nosebleed or nasal sores. Nasal fungal infection, glaucoma, or cataracts may occur." Makes that 4 a.m. shopping sound pleasant by comparison. go to website google gravity download

DANGER, WILL ROBINSON If you're thinking of picking up one of those Japanese robots as a gift this year, it's a good thing Hitachi's EMIEW 2 isn't on the market.

Hitachi showed it off this week, but heavy wireless network traffic interfered with the 31-inch-tall robot's communication system, and it crashed into a desk during a press demonstration.

"We are studying what hurdles need to be overcome to make robots practical," Hitachi researcher Takashi Teramoto told the Associated Press. "One characteristic we feel we need to ensure for robots is safety." NO JOKES ABOUT BOWL GAMES OK, so the robot's out. How about the improved Johnny Light? It used to have a mercury switch, but now it has a gravity switch -- kinder to the environment.

The Johnny Light is a gizmo that attaches to toilets and flashes a green light in the bowl when the seat is up. The idea is that nobody is unpleasantly surprised in the dark.

"And since it is entirely portable, it's great for travel -- just slide out the batteries." As if the rest of the world didn't already think Americans are crazy.

Chris Whitehead