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The Game (rapper)

The Game's Packing Prodigious Peen—Check Out the Photoand Weep Lesser Men

This is no game...

The Game is ramming his colossal wang down our collective throat—in a figurative, not literal sense, thankfully.

[Eyes water at the very thought]

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The 35-year-old rapper decided, rather generously, to share his prodigious penis with the world on Thursday, via a semi clad selfie that he posted on his Instagram.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor went for the good old fashioned, tried and tested, classic selfie pose of phone in hand, by the side of the head, facing the bathroom mirror.

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Clad only in some skin tight lycra underwear, Game's rock hard abs and colorful tattoo collection was on full display—but, it was neither of those things that got the ladies (and 10 percent of the dudes) all hot and bothered.

It was the ludicrously gigantic crotch bulge, which clearly shows he dresses to the right, and that yep, he's circumcised… or, alternatively, that he's in the habit of shoving a massive eggplant down his pants when taking selfies.

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We're going with the former—but check out the photo evidence for yourself, and try not to weep, oh lesser men.

Is that an eggplant in your pants or are you pleased to see me?

Meanwhile, The Game is only too aware of the impact his lethal weapon reveal would have on social media, as evidenced by the 25 or so hashtags he employed to caption the photo.

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