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Over the next week, we’re going to be squaring 32 of the all-time greatest boy band hair cuts—individual members of boy bands that is, with some groups having multiple eligible members (and one or two members having multiple eligible haircuts)—off against one another, with the goal of crowning the greatest boy band haircut of all time. From Davy Jones of The Monkees’ Proto-Bieber ‘do to Justin Timberlake’s stringy Ramen-noodle look from his ‘N Sync days to Harry Styles of One Direction’s soon-to-be-iconic swoop, haircuts from all eras of boy bands are in play.

Next up: The Braids, Dreads & Fades region. A haven for the overstyled. From ridiculous designs proudly shaved into the side of one's head, to voluminous braids any seven-year-old girl would be jealous of, like Ellis Island, we here at Popdust welcome it all. Examine the matchups below, and then vote in the polls underneath to decide who you want to advance to the next round. It’s the first-ever Great Boy Band Hair-Off—forget all the camaraderie and chemistry that usually defines the boy band experience. This March, there can be only one.

Previous Regions: Pretty/Girly, Too Much Hair, Dye Jobs

The Boy: Chris Kirkpatrick (1)

The Band: 'N Sync ("Tearin' Up My Heart," "Bye Bye Bye")

:Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: Kirkpatrick began his boy band career with an atrocious middle part, before finding his calling throwing colorful accessories and random add-ons into his famous coif. At its best, his look most closely resembled a rat's nest of braids, dreadlocks and leftover snacks found on the No Strings Attached tour bus.


The Boy: Izzy (8)

The Band: Us5 ("Maria," "Round & Round")

The Era: '00s

The Hair: Thick and bushy dreads hanging down like an octopus with hairy legs, often decorated by a colorful bandanna across his forehead.



The Boy: Justin Timberlake (4)

The Band: 'N Sync ("I Want You Back," "Pop") The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: Sharing a dressing room with four other dudes led JT to experiment with various shades and styles, but none deserved as much criticism as his head full of corn rows, years before the world was ready for a white man rapping.


The Boy: JB (5)

The Band: JLS ("Everybody In Love," "One Shot")

The Era: '10s

The Hair: Swirling waves inscribed on the side of his noggin, opening the door for the tagging of various messages or his own name, should people start getting this British import mixed up with someone else.


The Boy: Romeo (3)

The Band: Immature/IMx ("Never Lie")

The Era: '90s/ Early '00s

The Hair: An explosion of dreads meets unidentified shrubbery in a grungy blond tint. A classic look made complete only when accompanied by an eye patch.


The Boy: Baby Blue (6)

The Band: Pretty Ricky ("On The Hotline")

The Era: '00s

The Hair: Borrowing heavily from frontmen of '80s hair bands, the side stripes, plus the height of his pseudo-mohawk, ensured he'd regret this years later have a look like no one else's.

The Boy: Jacob Underwood (2)

The Band: O-Town ("Liquid Dreams," "All or Nothing")

The Era: Early '00s

The Hair: A collection of dark brown and auburn dreadlocks that grew at a rapid pace once he was sure he made the band, during the inaugural season of the reality series.


The Boy: Omarion (7)

The Band: B2K ("Bump, Bump, Bump," "Uh Huh")

The Era: Early '00s The Hair: Thin braids so tightly wound, it's as if they served to keep all the musical mastery he was privy to deep inside his beautiful head.