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Over the next week, we’re going to be squaring 32 of the all-time greatest boy band hair cuts—individual members of boy bands that is, with some groups having multiple eligible members (and one or two members having multiple eligible haircuts)—off against one another, with the goal of crowning the greatest boy band haircut of all time. From Davy Jones of The Monkees’ Proto-Bieber ‘do to Justin Timberlake’s stringy Ramen-noodle look from his ‘N Sync days to Harry Styles of One Direction’s soon-to-be-iconic swoop, haircuts from all eras of boy bands are in play.

Next up: The Dye Jobs region. Black, blue, red, and more often than not, blond, these boys decided that a little semi-natural color was all that separated them from pop icon status--and for better or worse, they were often right on the money. Examine the matchups below, and then vote in the polls underneath to decide who you want to advance to the next round. It’s the first-ever Great Boy Band Hair-Off—forget all the camaraderie and chemistry that usually defines the boy band experience. This March, there can be only one.

Previous Regions: Pretty/Girly, Too Much Hair

The Boy: Justin Timberlake (1)

The Band: 'N Sync ("Tearin' Up My Heart," "Bye Bye Bye")

The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: A goldilocks-esque set of peroxide blonde curls, whose similarity to a certain dorm-room food staple has oft been cited. It's a look we haven't such much of from JT—or from anyone else, for that matter—since the millennium turned.


The Boy: James Bourne (8)

The Band: Busted ("Crashed the Wedding," "What I Go to School For")

The Era: Early-Mid '00s

The Hair: Blond, with a swirl of black conspicuously mixed in—like one of those chocolate/vanilla mixes you get from the ice-cream soft serve.

The Boy: Chris Trousdale (4)

The Band: Dream Street ("It Happens Every Time," "I Say Yeah")

The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: A small patch of brunette lawn, punctuated by blond streaks. If you remember one guy from Dream Street whose name doesn't rhyme with "Tessie McCartney," it was this dude for this hair.


The Boy: G-Dragon (5)

The Band: Big Bang ("Lollipop," "Tell Me Goodbye")

The Era: Late '00s / '10s

The Hair: While everyone else in the boy band world went yellow, Big Bang's G-Dragon went blond, blue, red, or whatever other color necessary to make waves in the K-Pop world. Standing out in that scene is no small order, you know.


The Boy: A.J. McLean (3)

The Band: Backstreet Boys ("I Want It That Way," "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)")

The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: Because nearly every boy bander was obligated to go blond around the turn of the century, A.J. decided to give it a go. You may or may not have noticed at the time, however, given his tendency to cover up whatever hairstyle he was currently rocking with a succession of goofy hats.


The Boy: Scott Robinson (6)

The Band: 5ive ("When the Lights Go Out," "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)")

The Era: Late '90s

The Hair: A porcupine-ish 'do with sporadic blond highlights. If you were to seed the 32 haircuts in this bracket based on their weaponization potential, Robinson's would have to be a 1--that thing looks f'ing pointy.

The Boy: Justin Jeffre (2)

The Band: 98 Degrees ("Because of You," "Give Me Just One Night (Una Nocha)"

The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: A blond dye job so sketchy that Justin looks like he was dipped upside down into a pack of Easy Mac. Can't blame the guy for trying, though—Jeffre had to find some way of drawing attention away from his general fitness level not exactly being up to par with the rest of the Degrees.


The Boy: Nick Lachey (7)

The Band: 98 Degrees ("Because of You," "Give Me Just One Night (Una Nocha)")

The Era: Late '90s / Early '00s

The Hair: Nick didn't go the full-fledged dye route that Justin adopted, instead preferring to go with just the frosted tips--a look just as iconic of the late '90s in its own way. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray certainly understands, anyway.