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THE MIX | Sun and Surf Singalongs

by The Hip Abduction

08.27.18 | I've been spending a good bit of time white water rafting in Tennessee and surfing on the east coast in between tours this summer, and this playlist has been my summer soundtrack.

Touring and promoting their new single "Can You Feel It," The Hip Abduction (THA) out of St. Petersburg, FL is the indie pop powerhouse making summer even sweeter. What began with just-for-kicks jam sessions morphed into a musical movement gaining America's attention.

The band's third full-length album, Gold Under the Glow is synth-pop-meets-summer, blending world pop and club coolness to create a sound that fires off that feeling of a place we yearn to be. Bandmates David New (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Powers (bass), Dave Johnson (baritone, tenor sax), Cody Moore (keyboards, sax), Matt Poynter (drums, vocals) and Justino Lee Walker (guitar, vocals, sitar) deal with life's defining moments on single "Can You Feel It," reassuring themselves and fans alike that following your gut is the prime path to pursue.

Fans have seen THA on stage with talents including Grace Potter, Ziggy Marley, and The Revivalists to name a few, and they've performed at a number of popular festivals and venues across the country. See THA at Camp Deep End Sept. 21 -22.

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1. Buttercup
One of my fav bands of the last 2 years. This song makes almost every playlist I have.

2. Bite
Recent discovery at a random music fest in Savannah, GA. They played to 20 people and I love it.

3. Safe

Can't stop listening to this track. Non-stop repeat. Love the electronic progression throughout the song. Rides well.

4. Arrows
Sounds like an Odesza song but acoustic guitar. Dig this. Love Trevor's heavy lyric writing style too.

5. Don't Stay
This song makes you want to break up with your girlfriend, just to hear it on repeat. Even if you don't have a girlfriend.

6. Bull Ride
Another Florida native band. Big things to come from these boys.

7. The Dive
One of my fav "worldish" bands of recent years.

8. A Little Opus
Def one of my fav albums of all time. I'm pretty sure these guys were 22 when they wrote it.

9. Waiting in Vain
Fav song of all time?

10. Everyone Knows

Huge fan of Vacationer. Great vibes. Def can listen to his records straight thru without skipping a track.

Listen to "Can You Feel It" and feel the music for yourself.

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