The Horror Of IKEA—Think Twice Before You Buy Another BIlly!

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Everyone knows that IKEA founder Ingrad Kamprad is pathologically frugal and served as a Nazi recruiter in 1942. But there are several other facts about the company to give one pause before buying another BILLY bookcase, which sells worldwide at  the rate of one every TEN SECONDS!

1. IKEA prints more catalogs than the bible. 212 million copies were printed this year in 29 languages, more than twice the average yearly sales of the bible. Amen.

2. IKEA is the planet's third largest consumer of wood.

3. One out of ten Europeans is conceived on an IKEA bed.

4. Kamprad's personal fortune is estimated to be either $28 billion (Forbes) or $53 billion (German T-Online.)

5. IKEA is a non-profit. (!?!?!?)  Ingka Holding, a private, Dutch-registered company, is the parent for all IKEA companies (including 207 of the 235+ stores worldwide). Ingka Holding belongs to Stichting Ingka Foundation, a Dutch-registered, tax-exempt, non-profit-making legal entity.

Its complicated corporate structure allows the brand, which sells $28 billion in furniture per year, to pay a tax rate of just 3.5 percent.

Kamprad is really sorry about the Nazi thing. He has asked us to forgive his youthful sins, because you know, Jews. But the tax scheme?

It's enough to make you look away from your BILLY and maybe even give up meatballs.

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