The tireless workers behind "Literal MS Paint" and its YouTube account have probably not made their last video--this is the Internet, a tireless churn of constant demand--but alas, even they admit that they've now combined the pinnacles of art (aforementioned Paint) and music (LMFAO). As noted experts on "Party Rock Anthem"'s lyrics, we're at least glad this thing wasn't lazy. We are more than fine with the treatment of that one line in the song (the worst line; you know what it is), the probably accurate depiction of Lauren Bennett's level of investment in the song, Doris Day's cameo. It's not quite those A-ha or Tears for Fears parodies, but then again, few things are.

A word, though, Internet? "Party Rock Anthem" was last year. LMFAO has a new song. It even hit No. 1 not too long ago. Any more of these things any longer after the charts cast "Party Rock" off, and people will be tossing around words like "classic" and "timeless" to describe the song that we just haven't quite come around to yet.