Ah, poetic Paris, with two prominent cultural jaunts through the city in one year. Yet it took the Internet until February 2012 to make a mashup of Jay-Z and Kanye West's "N----s in Paris" and Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris? For shame. With that much of a wait, this better be good. Like, this better not be 15 minutes in Final Cut Pro and Audacity. This needs to sync. So let's take a look.

Establishing-shot montage for the establishing beat? Sure. Mouthing something that could plausibly be "ball so hard"? OK. Drinking where drinking would go, kissing where its, um, equivalent would go? Check. Excellent facial expressions for "that shit cray"? Check. Replacing the interlude with a Midnight in Paris exchange that's fairly quotable? Check. Playing the breakdown on the end with violins? A check we didn't even think we were going to check. An actual laugh. You win again, Internet. We'll forgive your delay.