Normally, the Monday after the Grammys would be a day where you'd expect to see the charts besieged by Grammy-related songs—songs that won awards, songs that were performed, songs that were dissed by Kanye West, etc. And there is plenty of that on the iTunes Charts this year, but not nearly as much as there is of a woman who wasn't supposed to have much to do with the Grammys this year—Whitney Houston, whose music people are again seeking out en masse, for obvious reasons (besides the fact that a lot of her songs are really good).

In fact, the top five of the chart this morning is almost entirely dominated by Whitney and Adele, the latter being the big winner at last night's ceremonies. Adele clocks in at #5 ("Someone Like You"), #3 ("Set Fire to the Rain") and #2 ("Rolling in the Deep"), while Whitney rules over all with "I Will Always Love You." (Regrettably, chart rules do not permit "I Will Always Love You" to rechart on the Hot 100 at this point, so we will not get to see "Always" continue its one-time historic run on top of the charts) The lone outlier in the top five remains Fun. and Janelle Monae's "We Are Young," at #4 which was still heard a couple times throughout the Grammy broadcast, via the OK Go-featuring Chevy Sonic commercial that it soundtracks.

The rest of the Top 100 is, of course, littered with further Whitney and Grammy winners. Whitney can also be found at #9 (the Junior remix of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"), #10 ("The Greatest Love Of All"), #15 ("One Moment in Time"), #18 ("How Will I Know?"), and about 20 other slots throughout the list, giving her ownership of about a quarter of the Top 100. Meanwhile, Grammy bigwigs can be found at #7 (Coldplay's "Paradise"), #8 (Katy Perry's "Part of Me"), #26 (Willie Nelson's "The Scientist" from that Chipotle commercial), #28 (Foo Fighters' "Walk"), #31 (Taylor Swift's "Mean"), and #42 (Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby"), as well as throughout the list's lower stretches.

It should be an eventful Hot 100 next week, though the specter of Whitney Houston will obviously hang over all. Though with 11 #1 hits and 11 more top tens, you can't say that Whitney didn't do more than her fair share of chart dominating while she was around.