What does Rihanna's "Diamonds" sound like stripped of Rihanna's distinctive speak-singing patois? Surprisingly good, in fact! The recently reunited Jonas Brothers took a swing at the track during a concert in LA Tuesday night and things did not go horribly: Nick in particular, with his dependable quiver, proves a fitting transmitter for Rihanna's yearning.

The JoBros' cover does make one thing about "Diamonds" apparent, though: The song doesn't really go anywhere. Stripped of the belting in the climax, "Diamonds" just kind of slogs along, inert. When the brothers bow out of the cover after a minute and 45 seconds, it seems not a moment too soon.

But the Jonases shouldnt' let that criticism stop them. They've always been creative interpreters in their live shows—we dig their version of "Superstition" with John Stamos—maybe we'll get them to handle "Stay" next time?