Can't say we know much about upcoming French horror movie Dead Shadows—and whenever we try to search for more information about it, we invariably get confused and end up looking up Dark Shadows instead. (Hey, it was the name of last week's Mad Men episode, too.) Based on the trailer, it seems to be some sort of some sort of apocalypse movie where the earth gets struck by a meteor and then overrun by super-powerful squid zombies, with just an old bald guy and a Zac Efron lookalike to stop then. But the plot is not what concerns us: What concerns us is a line in the trailer referencing a noteworthy pop star, delivered somewhat disparagingly by the old man to Mini-Efron: "C'est fini, la Mr. "Justin bieber," la, on les tue. Tous." Or, as translated by the subtitles:

Your Justin Beiber attitude is over kid. We have to kill them. All of them.

Dunno what's the funniest here—that the actor's Justin Bieber attitude is the biggest detriment to him taking on the squid zombies, that Zac Efron apparently isn't famous enough anymore to be the much more appropriate reference point, or that the subtitles spell Bieber's last name with the "e" before the "i." (The French spelling, perhaps?) Either way, it's an instantly classic line and we demand it be retroactively inserted into the "Best Line" category at this year's MTV Movie Awards. (Wait a minute...they got rid of the Best Line category at the MTV Movie Awards?? YOU MONSTERS!!!)

[Oh No They Didn't!]