The K-pop Has Landed: 50 Kolorful Photos From the First-Ever KCON L.A.

With over 10,000 people in attendance, the scene at the inaugural KCON—which was staged by East Asian music giant Mnet on October 13 at Irvine, California's Verizon Amphitheater—was self-explanatory: The geeky costumes of Comic-Con colliding with the giddy fun-seeking that comes natural to K-pop fans. A floor convention featuring internet personalities, dance choreographers and industry folks familiar to anyone who has attended Kollaboration gave attendees a chance to peacock, with the artists themselves getting their turns at the concert that night. Popdust was there, camera in hand and caption-writing-pen at the ready.



1. Fact: Yong Guk of B.A.P. is obsessed with Tigger.

And therefore, so are (some of) his fans.

2. Put a unicorn on it!

The question is whether this fan actually dropped the cash for this Jeremy Scott dress, made famous by CL of 2NE1. Haute or D.I.Y., it brought smiles (and sunshine and rainbows).

3. How does it feel to win the jackpot prize?

“I’m so happy! I’m so happy! I’m so happy!” A fan was short of breath and the very definition of ecstatic after winning a copy of the 2012 issue of MAMA: Off the Stage, the official Mnet Asian Music Awards official photo book.

4. Tous les Jours Bakery had a bevy of 4minute-themed chocolate cookies.

Because a cookie a day makes you look like Hyuna.

5. An enthusiastic “Eat Your Kimchi” fan strikes a pose.

No wonder she's sassy: She's got an autographed Eat Your Kimchi "zombie" poster.

6. This is what a K-pop house party looks like.

Make sure to crop that red party cup out of your profile photo, young lady.

7. The writing's on the wall.

Fans scrawled neon messages on plexiglass panels throughout the day.

8. How do you score a sweet pair of Jeremy Scott's Adidas Wings kicks?

Unless you're 2NE1, Big Bang, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. or Karl Lagerfeld, there's only one answer: eBay.

9. Hadouken! Or meow?

This fan dressed up as Big Bang's G-Dragon from his solo hit "Heartbreaker." Easily one of our favorite cosplays of the day.

10. Mnet chose the literal path in promoting the launch of Cube TV.

Stylishly mismatched socks brought to you by a complete and total lack of eye holes.

11. We sure hope this girl was able to get her hands on a valuable autograph of her favorite idol.

Looks like she needs the cash.

12. The golden ticket.

Fans clutched their autograph vouchers.

13. Step and repeat?

Fans set up camp by what they assumed would be a photo op.

14. Here’s a young fan channeling Girls' Generation.

Not so sure which of the nine members she is, though.

15. One word: shrill.

The autograph tent was not a good place to be if you were looking to keep your hearing.

16. Just hold it in.

This fan traveled from Tijuana for an opportunity to meet NUEST at their signing. She was later denied entrance when she left her spot to use the restroom.

17. There were peace signs aplenty.

We felt the love.

18. Achtung! Dystopic future imminent!

B.A.P fans cop their favorite asphyxiation pose. The pink bunny hopped over here from Australia.

19. Angry Little Gangnam Girl

Because angsty girls enjoy a good dance, too.


Mothers for K-pop!

21. K-pop, a family affair.

But these kids are just here for the balloons.

22. Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's Bom made an appearance.

"Do your best GD ('Monster') /Bom! ('I Am the Best')" gets you this. Pretty accurate.

23. New York Daily News' resident 'Seoulcialite' David Yi and Jen (frmheadtotoe) regaled the crowd with K-pop fashion tips.

Long story short: arm candy, leather, slim-fitting pants (but let your junk breathe, fellahs), leopard print and B.B. cream. Get on that.

24. Translation: "I am the best."

Yes, you are.


He wouldn't dance-battle with us though. Not very Gangnam of him!

26. This is not Pebbles from the Flintstones.

It's Dara from the "Lollipop" video. Duh.

27. PSY "Gangnam Style" flash mob #78926932

Pretty sure the guy in red flannel participated in all of them. Skills.

28. "She comes in colors everywhere..."

She combs her bangs. She's like a raaainbow...

29. Never fade away.

K-pop fans don't shy away from the buzzer. In fact, they've been using it for years. You're late, Skrillex.

30. Parasol-head.

Even disaffected youth appreciate a good pop song.

31. Spent fan pops a squat during her meal.

Her friend later dragged her off the grass. Friends look out for each other, you know?

32. Pretty sure you can't get these at Hot Topic.

Pretty sure...

33. "She's crafty!"

B.A.P fan fashioned a legit necklace from clay figures she made of each member. This fan of hardcore music credited K-pop for livening up her wardrobe (ie: more colors, less black band t-shirts).

34. Keep Calm and Chicken Bowl.

Energy and wits fizzled out by midday. Here are two girls about to recharge with overpriced meals.

35. "Can't Nobody" touch this girl and her CL steeze.

Replete with a pink fleece megaphone.

36. Because KCON would not be complete without Anime Expo booth babes.

It's safe to say they accomplished whatever it was they were there for.

37. Pretty in pinks.

These girls were just impeccable. Even that straw knows what's up.

38. Beer me.

We were excited to see someone old enough to drink. Also, those earrings.

39. DJ Peter Rocks (MY NINJA!) chilling in the green room with Seoul Sausage.

Say, "Sausage my ninja soul!"


We had to drop it. She totally enabled us.


By the end of the day, this tagged-up wall doubled as a Sharpie huffing hub.

42. K-poppin' a feel.

This PSY-pool of germs saw a whole lot of action.

43. Balloon-struck.

Fans passed time waiting for the concert to begin by scribbling on balloons.

44. Mmm-bap!

B.A.P was the first headlining act to storm the stage, followed by 4Minute, Vixx, EXO-M, G.NA and NU'EST.

45. Damn, G.NA!

Pleather to meet you!

46. Mother (and child) approved.

Exo-M's Lu Han was a crowd favorite.

47. Lights, hamming, action!

No expenses were spared in the concert production. From set designs to light shows to costuming, K-pop fans got what they want.

48. Twelve hours later...

Tweens still screaming.

49. Vixx sizzurp.

Getting the crowd all in a tizzy.

50. Once in a lifetime.

Most fans have diligently waited for an opportunity to see beloved K-pop stars perform live.

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