Looks like our prediction of a cozy romp in a duvet fell on deaf ears as the guys of One Direction bring their sweet-sounding, yet potentially misdirected, "Little Things" to life with a black-and-white video treatment. Sparing us the visualization of a girlfriend's frustrated attempts to button her jeans, the video focuses on 1D doing what they do best: singing, and staring deep into your soul. It's as good a strategy as ever to avoid addressing the subject and distract from the minor stir Ed Sheeran's lyrics may have caused. Allow Zayn to kick things off:

He's not the only one undressing the camera with his eyes.

Although Liam and Niall are more likely to politely ask you out—and maybe hold your hand—with their eyes.

Oh to be that microphone below those pouty lips.

This candid, intimate lens also gives us an idea of how the guys use their downtime in the studio: Harry's determined to find out what the fancy buttons on the soundboard really do, and Zayn's obsession with pinching Hazza's cheek at inopportune moments continues. People with piping hot mugs of tea shouldn't throw stones, Louis, and is that Liam playing the guitar? We knew Nialler had an axe, but here three out of the five guys pluck away at (our) acoustic (heart)strings.

Harry recently told Vogue UK that One Direction wanted to experiment with their new music, in hopes of moving towards more of a "live" sound with "less little synth sounds" and "more guitars and drums." Pair that with their newfound tendency to dance in public places and it's like they're a whole new band. Almost. We still have the floppy hair, which is fine form across the board as Louis' mop narrowly edges out Harry, Niall and Zayn's in terms of towering height. Do you think Liam feels left out having shed all that extra weight?

Watch the boys do their thing below.