First footage of The Last Jedi reveals potential plot details

A Last Jedi clip screened at a Disney shareholders meeting could shake up popular theories on Luke and Rey's relationship

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Earlier today at a shareholders meeting Disney decided to share a short clip from their forthcoming Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. A few months when Disney announced the name of the eighth installment in the Star Wars saga, the name alone was enough to raise major questions for longtime fans. Who is this "Last Jedi" and will they truly be the end of their kind? What about Finn? Isn't he supposed to be force-sensitive?

The clip, which we only know about thanks to a series of tweets from LA Times reporter Daniel Miller, contains information about Luke, the settings of the new movie, and the development of Rey as a Jedi.

So most of this info seems pretty obvious: the film will span many exotics locales, the characters from Force Awakens will return in a big way, and there will undoubtedly be some training sequences. However, the biggest question comes from one Luke asks Rey: Who are you?

Why wouldn't Luke recognize his own daughter?

Recall that Force users like Jedi and Sith can usually scan the minds of others to find out who they are. It also seems pretty likely that you'd wanna do that when you're being confronted by a stranger with a lightsaber who somehow found you on a rock in the middle of an ocean in the middle of space. Remember when Kylo Ren sees Finn and instantly knows that he is the missing stormtrooper who stole the TIE fighter? So what gives? How can Star Wars maintain the saga of the Skywalkers while Rey isn't Luke's daughter?

The answer to me is pretty simple: Rey is still Luke's daughter, but her mind cannot be so easily read. Remember when Kylo Ren, another Skywalker endowed with immense power, can't manage to break Rey's psyche while she's strapped to the chair in his evil base? Seems like Rey's special talent might be kind of like Bella from Twilight's (sorry). Maybe one of her abilities, as has already been demonstrated, is a resistance to the force powers of others.

This interpretation could still be wrong. It sure seemed like she was trying pretty hard to resist mindreading when Kylo Ren was doing it and it also seems unlikely she would be as guarded around her hopeful teacher, Luke Skywalker, BUT it's still possible that Rey's mind just isn't so easy to read and that she is, in fact, Luke's daughter.

What else did we learn?

Well, we did find out that Leia would be returning, despite the tragic death of Carrie Fisher, although her role in the film might be seriously diminished in order to make the plot work better for the third film. Chewbaccca, thank god, is still kickin'. And we're gonna see Finn come out that medically induced coma he entered after getting wrecked by Kylo Ren. Hopefully we can see his skills develop as either a potential Jedi or military leader for the resistance.

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