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The Last Jedi trailer is finally here! What can we learn?

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Oh it's so beautiful. The highly anticipated trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi was finally released today, only one day after the 40th Anniversary 'Star Wars Celebration.'

So what does the trailer reveal about director Rian Johnson's sequel to The Force Awakens?

1. First off, old school Star Wars fans will be happy to see that Luke Skywalker will evidently be playing a large role in the film, training Rey on the planet Ahch-To. Earlier this year we confirmed that "the last Jedi" refers to multiple Jedi (the plural of Jedi is Jedi, bro). What we don't yet know is if that group includes more than just Rey and Luke. We DO meet a new character names Rode, played by Kelly Marie Tran, who according to Johnson is neither a "soldier" nor "hero." The "One truth" shared by Mark Hamill's ominous voiceover is that "it's time for the Jedi to end." FOGHORN BOW BOW BOW BOWWWWWW.

2. At about 1 minute in we see some old books that appear to be ancient literature about the Jedi order. Maybe we can expect some badass reading montages as Rey studies up for finals.

3. Around 1:17 in we get a glimpse of some awesome new speeders kicking up red dust (please, please, don't be a return of pod-racing).

4. Fin appears to be in a coma, or maybe just taking a nap after a long night.

5. Looks like we will be getting more visuals from Rey's force-flashbacks in The Force Awakens of The Knights of Ren tearing it up.

6. Of course we have some epic shots of space battles between imperial tie fighters and X-wings, not to mention an apparent bombing of a resistance base that nearly envelopes Poe's dope ass black X-wing.

7. Oh, and the Millennium Falcon is in the house baby!!!!

More to come as we watch this over and over...

Official movie poster for The Last Jedi

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