The Latest Hip-Hop Addition to the Adult Swim Family: Jay-Z


Two things college-age stoners love unreservedly: Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, and quality hip-hop. The two have been merged several times already, as in the Adult Swim-themed album The Mouse and the Mask by hip-hop superduo DangerDoom, or R&B singer T-Pain's cameo in the live-action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or the voice roles performed by Mos Def, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg in The Boondocks. But all are perhaps dwarfed by the recent revelation that all-time genre great Jay-Z will be developing his own show for the network, as confirmed recently by Adweek.

Details on the new pairing are extremely minimal thusfar, especially since Jay-Z did not end up announcing the partnership at last night's Adult Swim upfront party at Roseland Ballroom in NYC as expected. Still, Adweek reports that the development deal will likely include an original animated program, which we'd be fairly excited (if somewhat confused) to see from the Jiggaman's camp. Jay's sense of humor never seemed quite as scattered or acerbic as the standard AS fare—unlike, say, Odd Future, whose rumored pilot for Adult Swim was met with a sort of "well, duh" reaction—but perhaps this is just another case of Real recognizing Real, and Jay will embrace the mash-up of comedic styles as he did with his Linkin Park Collision Course back in 2004. (And that album was seriously underrated, really.)

Don't let this be delaying you from you and Kanye getting that Watch the Throne finished and released, though. First things first, Jigga.

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