The Magic Box Interview: "Weird Al" Yankovic

In which Popdust poses wildly embarrassing questions to your favorite artists… and for some reason they answer them. Today’s brave subject: song-parody god "Weird Al" Yankovic!

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Soap star's tribute to Morton.

Birmingham Evening Mail (England) January 16, 2001 Byline: Graham Young TV Editor CORONATION Street star Sue Nicholls today paid tribute to her old friend Andrew W Morton, the former Crossroads' star who has died aged 73.

As Carlos the chef in the Birmingham soap, he shared many motel scenes in the 60s with Sue who played Marilyn Gates. website christmas card sayings

They also enjoyed several foreign trips together when the show pioneered foreign adventures in hotspots as diverse as Tunisia and Torremolinos.

Morton, who lived in a council flat in Highgate, died on Sunday after a short stay in Selly Oak Hospital.

Sue, now famous for playing Audrey Roberts for 21 years in the Street, said: 'I am so sorry to hear the news. I feel like part of me has gone. christmas card sayings

'Anthony was very much part of my life and my family's life even though I hadn't seen him for some time.

'I sent him a Christmas card saying I would see him this year.

'Anthony would be very acerbic but witty with it.

'He used to make me laugh. He wasn't into sentimentalities at all.

'That part of my life when I worked with him was a very joyous one and part of a big learning curve for me. ' CAPTION(S):

TRIBUTE: Sue Nicholls

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