The Many Men in Justin Bieber's Life

Justin Bieber has worked hard to cultivate relationships among his music industry peers, boasting an impressive list of collaborators on his most recent album, Believe. While his flock of Beliebers skews largely female, The Bieb has a great many men in his professional corner and on his personal call log. But this isn't just the story of a starry eyed 18-year-old begging to hang with those he's always idolized; working with Bieber exposes artists to new audiences, and hanging with The Bieb for at least 10 minutes brings a person a barrage of press. A win-win for everyone?

Big Sean gave recently gave Bieber what was reportedly a $30,000 ring to commemorate their friendship and work on "All Around the World."  While not every man friend of The Bieb's has gifted him with such a lavish piece of jewelry—respect, a strong work ethic and tips on how to avoid paparazzi have also been passed down—Bieber has a long list of male friends helping to build him up on the day-to-day. To help keep track of the names behind his many Twitter mentions, here's our guide to the Bieber Boys Club taking over Hollywood, and the world.


Relationship: Detroit's own lent a guest verse to Believe's "As Long As You Love Me," joining Bieber for his Today performance in June.

Praise: "That's the homie."

Biggest Gift: The aforementioned pinky ring, the first fruit of his professional success, straight from his own finger.


Relationship: Manager. Once the fresh-faced Emory student who discovered a then-13-year-old talent, Braun has worked hard to control and support Bieber's every move, holding him to an exceptional standard and personally slamming any threats to his success.

Praise: "It’s awesome that he’s Canadian," Braun told Complex. "Because I just realized Canada is a province of the U.K., so the Queen of England is the Queen. Technically, if Justin has an amazing career, he can be knighted. He can be Sir Justin." Always thinking ahead.

Biggest Gift: Not only did Bieber's manager pluck the Canadian from YouTube and convince his mother to uproot her life and move to Atlanta, he bought The Bieb a Fisker Karma for his 18th birthday back in March.


Relationship: Bieber's musical "big bro," Executive Producer of Believe

Praise: "An incredible talent, an incredible individual," the longtime Belieber has said.

Biggest Gift: That fancy birthday present was reportedly from both Usher and Braun, but we'll believe it was a 50/50 split when we see a copy of the receipt, or proof that Braun didn't in fact write it off as an expense of Schoolboy Records. Over their five-year relationship, Usher has gifted Bieber with everything from industry credibility to connections to his idols and lessons in perfecting the falsetto.


Relationship: Former Bieber "Swagger Coach," currently back on the road in an unidentified capacity for the latest promotional tour

Praise: "The kid with the golden feet!"

Biggest Gift: A sense of confidence, style and new additions to his vocabulary.


Relationship: Formerly Bieber's bodyguard, Hamilton now handles everything from shooing away invasive photographers to tweeting out photos that will get fans prematurely excited about Kanye West collaborations and give The Bieb the proper chance to finish him album in peace.

Praise: "You can't tell me @JustinBieber isn't the hardest working person! He does it for the fans!" Kenny tweeted during Bieber's whirlwind pre-Believe tour this June. Opposing viewpoints are welcome to offer their @ reply.

Biggest Gift: Security.


Relationship: Team Bieber videographer

Praise: "Justin is like my little brother. As he gets older, he has become one of my best friends," Flores told BE magazine, cementing the pair's BFF status.

Biggest Gift: Helping to bring the original "Call Me Maybe" lip dub to life.


Relationship: One of the earliest collaborators of The Bieb's, Luda's been protective of "Lil Homie" since "Baby," standing up for those who are less supportive of his love of hip-hop.

Praise: "He's getting older, he's' growing into manhood stage and his songs are reflecting that," Ludacris told Billboard. "So it's a good thing."

Biggest Gift: Most recently Ludacris contributed to the explosive performance of Believe's "All Around the World" during Bieber's surprise show at the Apollo Theater last month.


Relationship: Friend, collaborator ("Never Say Never," "Happy New Year," "Fairytale").

Praise: "Justin is great to work with and the coolest kid," Smith said of his own industry "big bro."

Biggest Gift: Making the slightly older Justin look like more of a bad boy by having parents Will and Jada grill him whenever he comes over for playdates.


Relationship: Friend, collaborator ("Eenie Meenie")

Praise: "I've worked with a lot of people but Justin Bieber is just so humble and so charming that you gotta love him," Kingston explained.

Biggest Gift: Allowing Bieber to drive his vehicle along Miami's posh Ocean Drive, even if he likes to joke about his friend needing help seeing over the steering wheel.


Relationship: Collaborator, punchline to one-third of our Canadian jokes

Praise: "He’s like a talented kid, again from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy," Aubrey said of Bieber's "Trust Issues" cover last year.

Biggest Gift: A verse on "Right Here" off Believe, upping his credibility after the Bieb spoke about working with his fellow Canuck for months.


Relationship: Friend, viral video producer

Praise: "He’s got a great story," Fallon gushed to fellow Belieber Evan Rachel Wood in 2011.

Biggest Gift: The Late Night host has facilitated and costarred in plenty of funny Bieber videos on his nightly program (both solo and joint efforts), grooming the teenager for his eventual SNL hosting gig—just not enough that he'll take over his own job one day.


Relationship: Friends, potentially soon-to-be fellow band member.

Praise: "Great singer. That kid can sing, man," Levine told CNN's Piers Morgan.

Biggest Gift: Levine lent his time and tweets to hyping an alleged "supergroup" this spring, further building the hype around what could be featured on Believe. While we didn't get any Bieber-Levine collaborations—but we did get The Bieb on The Voice—their very public bromance can only lead to interesting places. Selena, you might want to give these two some time alone.


Relationship: Friend...seriously.

Praise: "The most genuine person I have ever met," Floyd tweeted at The Bieb on his birthday, along with his own personal message. Stay on his good side forever, JB!

Biggest Gift: A welterweight champion meets scary security team member no paparazzo would want to mess with.


Relationship: Grandfather

Praise: "I've had 'Bieber Fever' since [Justin] was about a year old... we knew he was going to do something with his life because he was always good at what he does," the proud patriarch told Hollyscoop in 2011.

Biggest Gift: Because Dale cries every time his grandson speaks, let alone sings, in public, he's left him with instant female catnip, so long as The Bieb is smart enough to emphasize how much he loves his grandpappy.


Relationship: Father

Praise: "There is nothing greater than being a father! @justinbieber @JazmynBieber @JaxonBieber without you I am nothing. Thank you!" Father's Day gratitude is even easier to express when all your kids are on Twitter.

Biggest Gift: Life.

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