2012 is weird. How weird? The Curiosity rover, part of NASA's latest Mars mission, has an anthropomorphic Twitter account where it has posted the following hashtag: #wigglewigglewiggle.

Yep: Mars Curiosity has its very own "Sexy and I Know It" parody, and as these things go, it's not bad! The lyrics work: "Crane lower that rover" works just as well as "girl look at that body." There are references to everything from Carl Sagan and Shufflebot. (Not together, alas.) And that panoramic footage of Mars shows up, meaning this is automatically successful no matter what they do with LMFAO.

Ah, but what about what the world really wants to see, or at least is shocked it hasn't seen yet? The Carly Rae Jepsen / Curiosity mashup? That already exists. Technically, it existed since before the rover landed, when it was still a mission and not also a meme even Britney knows. It's "Call Me Maybe," not the more applicable "Curosity," but still: do not underestimate the Internet.