The Megaupload story is the greatest thing to happen to the Internet--well, if you discount all the real-world copyright and seizure implications, which encompass more than just "oh no, I have to click two more links to watch Downton Abbey!" You might as well discount them, because this is the story that keeps delivering. First, there was a ridiculous jingle that somehow featured, Kanye West, Chris Brown and about 20 other names. Next, the site got pulled down, resulting in an even more ridiculous lawsuit with ridiculous expenditures on yachts and swag.

And now today, MTV Hive reports that the site's founder and one-man peopler of our WTF tag, Kim Dotcom, wants to release an album. There are real names involved--Beets & Produce, who did the original Megaupload song and whose discography waffles between actually fairly legit stuff (lots of, unsurprisingly) and stuff that's... less (artists at the point in their careers where they release tracks with names like "BBM Me.") Granted, nothing's confirmed--remember when Swizz Beats' publicist said he was CEO?--and one has to imagine the whole legal holdups would also hold up any potential album.

But should music indeed materialize from this wonder story, it could go either way. Pro: wouldn't you be interested in hearing the boasts from a guy whose cars' license plates read GUILTY, STONED, GOOD, CEO, MAFIA, and HACKER? And doesn't having had unfettered access to the whole of Megaupload mean his pool of musical inspiration was nigh-bottomless? Con: at least one tech writer (the story's about Megaupload, making this a blog-fodder smorgasbord for tech and music writers) has compared the Megaupload song to Rebecca Black, from which there's no going back.