The Mini Warbler took his talent for recreating catchy Glee covers to Comic-Con this weekend. Considering the annual San Diego festival is basically a Gathering of the Nerds, his fanatical obsession with Darren Criss likely went unnoticed, as he and his over-sized tie—which gets cuter every time—were overshadowed by people like this. As expected, those irresistibly cute videos have gained him a female following, and he was joined by a group of Warblerettes on the street to perform several Dalton Academy tunes. Despite the adoration from a bevy of ladies, young Kellen remains unfazed by it all, which probably bodes well for his future and chances at stardom. See this, prospective managers and record labels? He's got a focus that doesn't break! But if Criss had actually crashed the sidewalk party, then all bets would most definitely be off. Screw getting the lyrics and moves down, you only meet your idol once. Better make it count.