The Most Hilarious Post-Election Memes

Memes are what brings this country together.

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No matter what your opinion is on healthcare, the economy, or if the political system is broken or not, there is one thing that all Americans can agree on: we love memes. They're the simplistic joy of that aunt of yours that's always commenting "Love ya!" on your Facebook statuses and juvenile high school boys. Well, the nation has turned to processing the election through hilarious memes. There's been a fire of Joe Biden memes, the Vice-President turned into a hijink-loving, petty character.

Users have even made light of Vice-President-elect Mike Pence, who has publicly against same-sex marriage and has even come out in support of electroshock conversion therapy.

Who knew Trump was in Home Alone 2?

Memes aren't just an American pastime. The UK joined in on the making light of the election in their own way. The country recently went through their own surprise political fiasco with "Brexit", chaos following after the nation voted to leave the European Union.

The Kardashian clan got bought into this somehow, someway???

Of course there were some Canada jokes. In fact, it was reported that Canada's immigration website kept crashing on Election Night.

There's even a collective internet freak out over how hot young Joe Biden was:

We truly are stronger when united than when apart.

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