The Most Inappropriate, Worst, And Downright Dreadful Selfies

The Most Inappropriate, Worst, And Downright Dreadful Selfies

Selfies are taking over……for better or for worse.

You just can’t get away from them—they’re all over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—any of the numerous social media services out there that help people share their lives on a daily basis—like white on rice.

Selfies range from the drunken and regrettable, to the infrequent and interesting, to the outright narcissistic and only too damn frequent (Kim Kardashian anyone?)—there’s a whole spectrum of selfie takers out there.

Initially, it was mainly just the younger generation that took it a little too far with inappropriate selfies—anyone remember Breanna Mitchell, who was all smiles, posing in front of the death chamber at Auschwitz, of all places?

But let’s be real, these days adults are just as guilty. Seeing Barack Obama and David Cameron smiling together for a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial should settle any doubts on that matter.

With millions of people taking and posting selfies every day, it can be tough to ensure your self indulgent snap stands out from the crowd—but still, some people seem to truly excel in that area.

Just take a look at Popdust’s pick of the craziest, funniest, and completely inappropriate selfies in the gallery below.

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