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The Most Scandalous And Sexy Movie Scenes In History

The Most Scandalous And Sexy Movie Scenes In History

Sexy Movie Scenes

Would you have a no-sex, no-nudity clause in your contract if you were a big movie star?

Most Hollywood stars will have started out without a say in whether or not they have to bare all and fake sex on screen (or not in the case of Shia LaBeouf in his film Nymphomania).

Absolutely Fabulous Movie Teaser Is Here Sweetie, Darling!

Does the scene really require nudity?  Is the sex really essential to the story?  It doesn't matter in the case of some actresses who refuse to let it all hang out no matter how necessary it is to the plot.  Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Megan Fox have all taken on sexy roles but have a clause in their contract stopping short of total nudity.

Here’s What Shooting a Nude Scene Is REALLY Like

Well thank goodness not all movie stars are like that!

From time to time, a bit of gratuitous sex is just what a movie needs and thankfully most celebrities are happy to lay it all out for us.

Jamie Dornan Dishes On How He Got ‘In The Mood’ For Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Scenes

Being ever considerate here at Popdust, we feel it would be a disservice to not show the fruits of their labor.

Take a look at our gallery with some of the steamiest scenes from our favorite celebs in the sexy and scandalous scenes in history!

The Most Scandalous And Sexy TV Show Scenes In History

Sexy Movie Scenes

Sexy Movie Scenes

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