Television star and Dracula musical enthusiast Jason Segel took the stage at 30 Rock's Studio 8h to host Saturday Night Live for the first time this weekend, promoting his new movie The Muppets. Segel was visibly nervous, given it was his first hosting gig, yet able to quickly take a trip to his happy place, all thanks to a conveniently placed piano. Despite sharing the screen with Amy Adams and Rashida Jones, Segel's monologue was crashed by his more fame-hungry castmates—Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie et al.—who didn't seem to agree with him going solo, resulting in a classic "I" vs. "We" debate. Segel tried his best to smooth things over by hitting on Miss Piggy and complimenting the fuzziness of Mr. Fozzie Bear after the initial misunderstanding, but what they really seemed concerned with was a trip to the after-party. Don't we all, Piggy. Don't we all.

Sure, he may think of himself as a "more versatile performer," but since 2011 has indisputably been the year of the muppets, is there really any doubt that Kermit and Co. can't handle a variety show? Just ask Cee Lo.

Florence and the Machine also were in the building to perform new single "No Light, No Light," this time sans voodoo dolls. Watch below.