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Rising Star

You may know Hariz from his debut single OVBRD which dropped this past spring. Though newer to the LA music scene, Hariz has made quite the impact in the little time he's been active. A classically trained singer and pianist, Hariz, or Justin Hariz, has always been enamored by music. It's no surprise his pop music is so comprehensive and tight. Having a classical background, Hariz told CelebMix that it helped him have a solid foundation so he could write. I'd imagine it frees up a lot of creativity as well. Most recently, Hariz dropped a new single "Does It Hurt." The song follows traditional pop standards but infuses smooth R & B into the track. There are a creative array of electronic instruments infused into "Does It Hurt" making it far more interesting than your typical pop song. Hariz says he poured his heart into the single and in that way, it shows.

Listen to "Does It Hurt" here.

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an LA artist is like? Where do they eat? What do they do? Well, Hariz collaborated with Popdust to give you an inside look on the day to day life on an LA artist.

Check out the video here

HARIZ: Hey guys, it's Hariz! I'm actually partnering with Popdust to show you guys some cool places around LA that I really love to go to. Right now we're at Larchmont Street in Midtown LA, and actually I love this location because there's like a lot of cool coffee shops and stuff to go to. Here, come follow me.

The Salt and Straw


HARIZ: So one of my favorite places here is actually the Salt + Straw. They have like these crazy flavors of ice cream like during Thanksgiving they had like mashed potatoes, now they have like Gingerbread cookie dough. It's really cool.


HARIZ: So we're here at the Melrose/Fairfax district. This is another really cool location here in LA. I just really love the street art and like there's a bunch of really cool shops and stuff. Every block is like a different vibe.


HARIZ: So we're here in Hollywood at The Capitol Records Building and it's one of the most iconic places in LA for music history. And inside, there are awesome studios with like all these amazing performers and artists that have come through and made unbeliveable songs.

HARIZ: See actually one of my favorite spots is actually a walking thing, cause it's the Hollywood walk of fame.

HARIZ: So one of my go-to places for live music here in LA is the Echo which is located right here in Echo Park- a really cool up and coming place so you should come and check it out.

Regency Inn

HARIZ: So another cool location in Echo Park if you want to collect some vinyls is Permanent Records here you guys should come in with me.

Los Angeles Times

HARIZ: So we're here at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. This is one of the like coolest, most mysterious places in LA because you actually have to be invited in order to get in, but it's such a cool place.

Disney Characters Central

HARIZ: So my other really cool location is the Fairfax Food Market so you guys can see it's pretty cool.

Hariz says that next year will bring more releases, live shows, and some videos as well which he's really excited to share with his fans. You can follow him on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify. Press inquiries here.

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