The Next PSY? Crayon Pop Signs With Sony Following Growing Global Attention

That Crayon Pop reign just won't let up. Days after topping the Melon music chart and reaching the top three on Gaon with "Bar Bar Bar," the quirky quintet has now inked a deal with Sony Music Korea to go global.

According to a statement from Sony (via allkpop), reps for the label said: "This past July, Sony Music Entertainment's high-ranking officials visited Korea to directly observe the K-pop scene and met up with Crayon Pop. They were impressed by their different concept and creativity, and determined them as artists and content that can sell in global markets."

Additionally, reps for for Crayon Pop's own agency said: "We think that the cooperation with worldwide music agency Sony Music is a great opportunity for Crayon Pop's growth, and we highly anticipate the results."

There's a lot of interest in Crayon Pop now due to the unprecedented success of "Bar Bar Bar," and there's definitely potential for the catchy ditty to spread beyond Korea. The music video and choreography has already gone viral at home, spawning a series of dance covers and parodies on Youtube, while the song itself has been floating up and down the top three of the instiz iChart and Melon real-time chart for more than a week now. It's even starting to catch on internationally, with Australia's biggest news website devoting a whole article to the song earlier today, while The Wall Street Journal recently compared it to PSY's global sensation, "Gangnam Style."

Who would've thought that a little Korean girl group that was unknown to even most K-pop fans a couple of months ago would end up becoming the biggest thing since "Bubble Pop"?

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