The One Thing Miley Got Wrong in the "23" Video...

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Miley Cyrus may have received an influx of flack for some of her recent twerkings, but her latest video, the Mike WiLL Made It-helmed "23," is getting critical thumbs to rise up.

The subtle Michael Jordan tribute is the most exciting and rousing high school pep rally we've ever seen, with hints of "Old Miley" managing to sneak their way in. There is, however, one element of this video that is bugging the crap out of us...

About a minute in, Miley takes a drag in the ladies room (so Grease!) and writes #23 on the mirror in red lipstick. To kids these days, "#" only means hashtag; they have no reason to know that it's Michael Jordan's retired number. Herein lies the problem: You can't trend numerical digits on twitter. So, when Smilers take to Twitter with this image in their minds...



...they're not going to get anything trending for their girl. And neither is Miley herself:


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