If you missed last night's premiere of The Voice, you didn't miss a whole lot. A country girl named Gracia yodeled, an androgynous girl named Deborah swagged, and a repeat contestant from last year named Daniel made good on a second chance, but none of them really wowed and it's doubtful you'll hear much talk of their performances today. The only real impression was made by 18-year-old Queens (REPRESENT) native Trevin Hunte, who overcame legit adversity to deliver an absolutely stunning performance of Beyoncé's "Listen" on the Voice stage. When you're a dude singing a Bey torch song and you don't sound even the slightest bit overmatched, that's a thing worth mentioning.

Check Hunte's breakout performance below, and remember—we still got two nights left from this Voice premiere week. Can someone challenge Trevin for first-week front-runner?