The Other Two From Destiny's Child Also Making It to the Super Bowl This Year

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It's an enviable position that Beyoncé is in as a member of R&B pop sensation Destiny's Child, that the group is still beloved by so many, but that they have been so eclipsed by her own solo career that she isn't beholden to her role in the group in any way. She just kinda gets to call on them when she and the others are feeling it, and chill doing her own thing when not. (Kelly has achieved close to a similar status, though we do sorta wonder if Michelle doesn't get a little antsy in between recording her gospel albums or whatever.)

So it appears that Beyoncé will be staging a Destiny's Child mini-reunion on the world's biggest stage this year. While her Super Bowl halftime performance will start as a solo deal, she will eventually be joined by Kelly and Michelle for a DC medley, culminating in the live debut of their recently announced new single, the Pharrell-produced "Nuclear." Geez, hope they even remember to play the second half of the game after all that.

After getting little to no Beyoncé for the duration of 2012—a website, whole bunch of instagrammed photos and some live shows here and there—we're looking to be getting about all we can handle in 2013. Bring it on, Bey.


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