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Euphemistically called “The Pixie,” it’s really just a bowl cut. A feathered bowl cut. And it’s tantamount to follicular manslaughter.

It all started one night back in 2008 when a group of hairdressers got together for margarita night at The Abbey. A few drinks in, someone wagered a bet, “Who ever can convince an A-List starlet to get a bowl cut wins.”

Then another gay hairdresser raised the stakes. “Who ever can get the most starlets to get a bowl cut gets a free trip to Cabo.”

“But that’s impossible,” some protested. “Long, flowing locks is an essential component of the Hollywood hottie! We’d have to get them drunk first!”

“No,” a particularly intrepid stylist countered. “It’s all in the sales pitch. You don’t call it a ‘Bowl cut.’ We need to call it something cute! Something sassy! Something youthful!”

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And so the ‘pixie’ was born, turning a legion of silver screen sirens turned into Soccer moms. And in some less fortunate cases, soccer dads.

Patient Zero: Michelle Williams.

She walked into the salon a ravishing beauty, she walked out the 5th Hanson brother —photo: Getty


Miley Cyrus

Why is Justin Bieber wearing a bra?

Photo: Getty

Ginnifer Goodwin: What is that? A swim cap?

Who ever managed to convince her that this was a good idea should be taken to Cabo twice.

photo: Getty


Pamela Anderson

No. Just no. photo: Getty


Kate Gosselin....

I mean Jennifer Lawrence

photo: Getty