The Popdust Awards for The Absolute Worst Style of 2012

My Little Pony hair, unflattering bodysuits, oversize fur coats, banana-print shirts—when pop star style is bad, it's really really bad. We've sorted through red carpet and paparazzi images from the past year to track down the worst offenders, and even crowned one singer with the worst look of the year. Warning: Those with sensitive stomachs may want to avert their eyes.

Worst accessorizing: Ke$ha

Ke$ha really piled it on for a Today Show performance in New York City last month. Flower appliqués, sheer paneling and a matching cameo jacket would have been overkill before she added the fingerless gloves, cornrows and spacy eye makeup.

Photo credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News


Worst knitwear: Drake

Drake doesn't often take fashion risks, but at the MTV Video Music Awards in September he selected a surprising top for his Moonman moment. The sweater was tight, patterned and cut with an ultra-low V-neck, revealing a hairless expanse of sternum. Not even that gold Rollie can save this look.

Photo credit: Veronica Summers/Splash News


Worst patterns: LMFAO

Before LMFAO went on hiatus, member RedFoo (aka Stefan Kendal Gordy) showed up to the Cannes Film Festival in this outfit. In classic LMFAO (bad) fashion, he sported multiple animal prints, bright colors, weird glasses and a ridiculous accessory. The hoodie with no shirt underneath is just par for the fugly course.

Photo credit: Splash News


Worst head-to-toe: Nicki Minaj

Pictured taking a cat nap on the red carpet, Nicki Minaj is example number two of how bodysuits can be very, very bad. In this case, she's mixed a lot of things that don't necessarily work together. It's boardroom on top, club on the bottom and, from far away, very confusing.

Photo credit: Thelonius/Splash News


Worst casual attire, female: Britney Spears

When she's performing on stage or filming her TV show The X Factor, Britney Spears favors skintight dresses and super-high heels. In her private life, though, Britney likes to go a little more casual. Okay, a lot more casual. She was papped shopping in LA last month in a run-of-the-mill Britney look: slept-on-looking hair piled atop her head, worn-in Uggs and in hand, her trusty Starbucks.

Photo credit: London Entertainment/Splash News


Worst extensions: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera isn't a subtle dresser, and this skintight purple mini--matched to her pink and purple ombre extensions--is another one of her misses. It makes her Dirty days seem downright chic in comparison.

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Worst sleeves: Lil' Kim

Lil' Kim's New York Fashion Week look is one part Swan Lake and one part Real Housewives of Beverly Hills--with a generous dollop of plastic surgery.

Photo credit: Janet Mayer/Splash News


Worst haircut: Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne took The Skrillex and made it worse, somehow, with washed out red tips and a sullen expression.

Photo credit: Derek Storm/Splash News


Worst three-piece suit: Will.I.Am

Will.I.Am looks like he's stuck between a beach vacation (the white pants and espadrilles) and a jaunt through London in the '70s. Also: There's a reason that split pea green isn't seen much in formal wear, and you're looking at it.

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Worst outerwear: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga channels Gumby with this awkwardly-shaped number, which she threw on in Paris in September on her way to a "Born This Way" tour performance.

Photo credit: Lawrence/Sirc/Splash News


Worst beach attire: Lil Wayne

Someone needs to tell Lil Wayne that it's okay to go barefoot on the beach for the Fourth of July. At least he's patriotic.


Worst statement accessory: Nelly Furtado

At the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada in June, Nelly Furtado was upstaged by a pair of neon green earrings.

Photo credit: Sun Media/Splash News


Worst movie premiere look: Skrillex

To the debut of "Wreck It Ralph," Skrillex wore a smile, dark sunglasses and his very best snarling dog sweatshirt.

Photo credit: Jen Lowery/Splash News


Worst shine: Lance Bass

Lance Bass found a nicely-tailored suit for the AMAs in November. Too bad it's made of material that resembles snazzy wrapping paper.

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Worst jeans: Rita Ora

It's hard to pinpoint one reason why this outfit is off-the-rails. Is it the oversize denim-trimmed fruit-print top? The knee-length jean shorts featuring gold dollar sign appliqués? The zip-up denim trench coat? Each, alone, would be a mistake. Together, they're just bananas.

Photo credit: Simon Earl/Splash News


Worst button-down shirts: The Jonas Brothers

The JoBros take this award easily. Strange patterns, weird contrasting patches of fabric—many times, their formal attire leaves something to be desired.

Photo credit: Jose Perez/Splash News


Photo credit: Brian Lindensmith/Splash News


Worst casual attire, male: Flo Rida

Looks like Flo Rida's luggage got lost en route to his appearance at the opening of H&M in Miami. Good thing he was able to cobble something together from the H&M gift bag and the snazzy shoes and hat he wore on the plane ride.

Photo credit: Fred Montana/Splash News


Worst style of the year: Cee Lo

If there's a way to lovingly bequeath a "worst style" award on someone, we'd hope to do so for Cee Lo. The music genius looks strange fairly often, but it's clear that his fashion choices are not so much missteps as they are part of some type of carefully-orchestrated craziness. This is, after all, the man who played like Doctor Evil with a fluffy white cat on national television.

Over the course of the past year, we've seen The Voice judge don an dwarfing ankle-length fur coat and a wooly-looking red fur vest for the a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in New York, head-to-toe mint green for a Voice press junket over the summer and, best of all, long silver athletic shorts, a flannel shirt, tube socks and Adidas slip-on sandals for a press event. Are we laughing at him, or is he laughing at us?


Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


All-green outfit photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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