108 songs, eight and a half hours. That's what it would take for you to listen through every single one of the songs nominated for an award a this year's Grammys—-not just the pop, country and R&B stuff, but the jazz, the gospel, the Christian contemporary. Of course, who do you know that would be crazy enough to embark on such a mission?

Well, let's just say that around award season at Popdust, craziness comes with the territory. Today, we will indeed be playing through all 108 of the songs nominated for awards at the Grammys this Sunday and live-blogging the experience, a marathon listening session that will take us from 10:00 AM (EST) to about 6:30. (Hold on a sec, do we get bathroom breaks? Our boss is giving us that "why do you ask questions that you already know the answer to" look, so I guess we'll see.)

Please join us in our listening party/death march—you can listen along to the audio of our 108-song playlist below via UStream, and chime along with our discussion of the songs by commenting on our CoverItLive live blog. We'll even be bringing some special guests along for the ride—Ann Powers of NPR.org, who will be appearing from 11:00-12:00 (now 12:00-1:00), and Carrie Keagan of VH1, who should be stopping by for the 4:00-5:00 hour.

We look forward to talking Grammys with you. Although, we'll save some of you the trouble by getting this out of the way early—we already know that Beyoncé wuz robbed. We're sure she has other things on her mind these days anyway.

Live stream by Ustream