Thanksgiving weekend was fun and all, but while you were spending all that time with food and family, you may or may not have had time to appropriately kick out the weekend jams. We'll we won't call you out on it this once—don't let it happen again—but this weekend, we're here to get you back on schedule. It's cold out there, and only getting colder, but inside your stereo, the hotness never has to stop. Yo, VIP, let's kick it.


You remember that Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer from a while back with a bunch of rapid-fire contextless-but-vaguely-cool-seeming shots from the movie and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. wailing on an industrial cover of Led Zeppelin's classic rock cut "Immigrant Song"? Yeah, that was pretty great—and now, we have the full version of the song, which is about as badass as anticipated. We don't know much about the book series, but if the Dragon movie gets the unofficial thumbs up from Trent and Karen, that's good enough for us to be oddly excited for its upcoming release.


"Roman in Moscow" is all well and good—though we still want that Michael Jackson cover, dammit—but Roman's greatest hit to date is still this Pink Friday favorite, with Nicki and Em breathing dungeon dragon fire over one of the coldest, hardest-hitting beats Nicki's ever worked with. What's more, the chemistry between the two behind the scenes was evidently good enough to eventually make Eminem go on the record with his specific desires of fornication with Her Minajesty. Good to know.


Old news perhaps, but it deserves official weekend playlist recognition—simply put, everything about this song is great. The banjo plucking, the spoken-word breakdown, the key change, the final "SO-LO CUP!" exhortations, the music video (lord, the music video)—it could be no perfect-er. Normally TK's boisterousness and general jacakssery causes at least some kind of quandary when it comes to enjoying his music, but the charm of "Red Solo Cup" is so severe that the guy singing it is barely even a factor. Inspired of Glee to recognize.


Not like it's ever a bad time for a little TLC nostalgia, but if VH1 wants to give us a lightning rod for it in the form of a made-for-TV biopic—which, by the way, is very obviously going to be the greatest thing ever—far be it from us to refuse it. Debut single "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" isn't the best TLC song by any means, but it is one of the great relics of the early '90s, with its shrill, amped-up post-New Jack groove and irrepressibly youthful energy. (And Left Eye wearing that condom on her eye in the video, of course—always an emergency Halloween costume idea.) It's incredible that two months from now, it'll have been 20 years since hthey released, though in a lot of ways, it feels like way longer than that.


How many times do you get covered by Amy Winehouse and Mike Tyson in the same week? Nearly a half-century after its release, Getz and Gilberto, still getting it done. You just don't get much more timeless than this.

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It hasn't been the strongest year for songs you hear in commercials and then can't get out of your head ever, but Grouplove has certainly given us one here—the effervescent "Tongue Tied," which you might know better as that "Take me to your best friend's house" song from the latest iPod Touch ad. Turns out, four minutes of the song is even better than thirty seconds, and "Tongue Tied" has deservedly become an iTunes hit, climbing the downloads chart to around the 50s this week. We hope it goes even higher—it's one of the best pop songs of late 2011, and a reminder that when it comes to foisting buzz bands on an unsuspecting nation, nobody does it like Apple.


While we were blissing out over Rihanna's "Red Lipstick" a ways back, we neglected to notice that the main reason the song was as awesome as it was was that it pretty much stole wholesale from UK underground dance outfit Chase and Status' dubstep gem "Saxon," The song is so grimy and dark and hypnotic that it made absolutely perfect sense as a backing track for one of the few songs that actually lived up to Talk to Talk's super-grindy reputation. Don't let the backlash against Skrillex and his cohorts stop you from giving this banger the spins it deserves.


Apparently people have a lot to say about this video and this woman. Whatever. Song sounds pretty good.


Vybz Kartel may not have actually broken out of prison—which in the end, might be the best thing for all involved—but if you need  explanation as to why people were excited (in spite of themselves) for the prospect of him having done so, his super-minor 2009 hit "Romping Shop" should be a start. It's not exactly one of his more traditional dancehall numbers—it jacks the beat from Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" (great call, by the way), and uses a healthy bit of Auto-Tune for both artists—but its pop thrills are undeniable. Even if you have no idea what "When you come inna mi romping shop" means (and neither do we, really), it sounds romantic and anthemic and just right as the song's chorus. See you when we see you, Vybz.


The official Popdust strategy—enjoy the holiday classics, new and traditional, early in December, before all the radio stations and department stores officially beat the Christmas cheer out of you. (But not before Thanksgiving, that's just lame.)