You can read just about everywhere about who's gonna be at the Grammys this year—who's performing, who's presenting, who's showing up wearing a gigantic hat to try to steal the spotlight, etc. But the more of these award shows we watch, the more we're interested in who's not gonna be there. Who among the pop elite will be conspicuous by their absence this Sunday on music's biggest night?

Well, we can't say for sure, since a lot of these guys might end up being gametime decisions. But if we had to bet, it seems like these guys are pretty likely to be no-shows, based on their lack of announced involvement in the ceremonies, and in some cases, their notable distaste at the way they've been treated by the Academy this year. This includes:

  • Justin Bieber. The Bieb was infamously—well, notably, anyway—shut out this year when Grammy nominations were announced, sending manager Scooter Braun into a tizzy protesting the snub. Without an announced role in the ceremonies, or a new album to promote (well, aside from the acoustic thing that just debuted at No. 1 somehow), or even a reliable date to show up with now that he and Selena have split, we think it's pretty likely Bieber just takes this year off from the Grammys altogether.
  • Kanye West. Kanye's always-tumultuous relationship with the Grammys (and pretty much every other award show) took its latest downturn when his and Jay-Z's "Niggas in Paris" was left off the Record and Song of the Year nominations. At a December show in Atlantic City, Yeezy ranted that his many Grammy wins came "all in the black categories," and said that after the "Paris" snub, "don't expect to see me at the Grammys this year, you know what I mean?!" We're gonna take his word for it on that one.
  • Adele. No album, no performance, no nominations except for a Best Pop Solo Performance nod for a live version of "Set Fire to the Rain" that we doubt she's particularly invested in emotionally. Plus, she's got an even higher-profile gig coming up at the Oscars to prepare for, and a demanding young'n (and a probably even-more-demanding new husband) at home to worry about. Besides, for Adele in 2013, the Grammys are like been there, done that.
  • Nicki Minaj. Short of the Bieb, no snub at this year's nominations was more pronounced than Nicki Minaj, whose Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and its accompanying spate of singles failed to garner Her Minajesty a single nomination. Nicki claims she's cool with the shutout, but adds (without elbaorating) that she believes the Grammys had "a different reason for not nominating me," suggesting a deeper beef that may cause her to skip out on this year's ceremonies. However, with labelmates Drake and Lil Wayne up for statues and Young Money being notoriously team-oriented, a Nicki appearance for emotional support doesn't seem out of the question.
  • Lady Gaga. Stefani appeared at last year's ceremonies but was mostly an afterthought, nominated only three times and losing all three. Without a nomination, a scheduled performance or any new music to promote (yet), and a recent media strategy that seems geared around keeping Gaga out of the spotlight for a minute, the woman who was not all that long ago the talk of every award show she showed up at seems likely to sit this one out altogether, saving her strength for her 2013 ARTPOP push.
  • Any EDM Dudes. Last year's ceremonies involved live performances from Deadmau5 and David Guetta, as well as multiple major-category nominations for Skrillex, who didn't perform but was undoubtedly one of the night's biggest presences. This year? Well...Calvin Harris has one nomination for his work on "We Found Love," but otherwise, outside of the dance-specific categories, you're not gonna find any EDM heavy-hitters among the presenters, performers or major-category nominees. Has the dance bubble already burst for major award shows? Who will set the internet on fire by wearing a t-shirt advertising a peer artist's phone number this year, then?

Other potential no-shows: Pink, Usher, Pitbull, Ke$ha

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