The Real Reason Behind Rihanna's Grammys No-Show

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Rihanna Grammy No Show

The mystery is deepening behind Rihanna's no show at the Grammys on Monday.

The Umbrella singer had been scheduled to perform and turned up Saturday to rehearse.  Then, all of a sudden, she bailed.  Left the building and didn't come back.


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Allegedly / apparently / supposedly she had bronchitis and was so upset not to be performing she couldn't stay for the show, which is why she left the Staples Center. This is the excuse her people used anyway.

Her spokesperson said that she was ordered to go on vocal rest for 48 hours because "she was at risk of hemorrhaging her vocal cords" if she pushed on with the performance.

However TMZ are now reporting that 27 year old RiRi had a huge meltdown at the rehearsal causing her to bail just hours before the live telecast.

"Rihanna was screaming and hysterical before she bailed on the Grammys, but there are conflicting stories about what triggered her outburst.

Sources connected with the show and several sources who were not connected but at the show tell TMZ...the singer was loudly expressing displeasure over her rehearsal.  They say she was loud and upset and bailed on the event."

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Unfortunately for Rihanna's bronchitis story, is that footage has emerged of her singing without a problem at a Lionel Ritchie charity event just two days before the Grammys—plus TMZ's sources say that her voice sounded great at the rehearsal.  So what caused her meltdown?

Rihanna Grammy No Show

Rihanna Grammy No Show

James Corden explained on The Late Late Show after the awards that he had been ready, willing and able to stand in for the Kiss It Better singer, but that he just wasn't called on.

Corden said he was asked to introduce her performance and attended the Saturday rehearsal and as far as he knew it was going ahead as planned.  He walked the red carpet boasting to everyone "I'm going to be introducing Rihanna, she's asked me personally to be a part of it, it's amazing."

At the end of the red carpet, he was told the performance was cancelled on doctor's orders. #awkward.

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Watch the hilarious video below of how he selflessly offered to take her place.

Rihanna Grammy No Show