Fun fact: The Rolling Stones have been around 13 years longer than Justin Bieber's mom has been alive! Still, though their days of pop relevance ended a few decades ago, it's fun to see them still alive and kicking.

As a preview for their upcoming 50th-anniversary greatest-hits album, the Stones dropped "Doom and Gloom" this morning, their first new song in six years. By the weird standards we judge new releases from Boomer rock gods by ("Is it as good as their old stuff? No, of course not, that's unfair. Does it at least sound kind of like their old stuff? Just please no dubstep or anything.") "Doom and Gloom" is a success, with an ominous vibe that's slightly reminiscent of "Gimme Shelter" without being too derivative. And it's about zombies, so, you know, they're still in touch with modern pop-cultural sensibilities. We can honestly say it's the best thing the Stones have released this decade!

Also, we dig the animation in the lyrics video. That's how you do the format right: