The Score Surge With 'Where Do You Run' Debut—EP Review

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Stretching the scorched earth of Coldplay-fused pop and walloping rhythmic-rock, Los Angeles' duo The Score gallop fast and hard on their debut EP Where Do You Run (out today). Clocking in at only 14 minutes, the four-track bow is an impressively dynamic introduction—as evidenced with the Oh My Love stunner and the calming intensity of Livin' Right—to the band who seemingly stumbled into a deal with Republic Records this summer.  “When we came to L.A., it was a risk for us,” singer Edan Dover says. “Being an artist in general, you deal with a lot of rejection. You’re constantly questioning, ‘Do I have what it takes? Are we doing this right?’ ['Oh My Love'] was an ode to ourselves, instilling confidence and serving as a reminder that ‘We’re on the right track, and we’re going to get through this.’ It’s optimistic. We’re about to go higher because we embarked on this adventure in L.A. Anything can happen since we’re working towards this goal.”

Oh My Love, a heart-throbbing composition akin to Walk the Moon and COIN, is just scratching the surface. Dover and fellow musician Eddie Anthony had a hand in the entire process, from songwriting to production—quite a thrilling demonstration of their talents. There's a commanding, liberating voice which staples together all four tracks together into a penetrating and cohesive project, much like a spirited flip-book. The title track, too, contains booming alertness and an appetite for space-bound limits, anchoring the EP in moodiness and passion. "Where do you run when there's no one to hear? Where do you run when you need to be? Where do you run when you can't face your fears?" they probe on the pounding hook, a sweeping fight-for-your-life style of empowerment. Something New, then, picks up the percussive baton, floating up and down on a jet-stream of cool progression.

Where Do You Run EP is simply the start of something. Something big. Something explosive. Something completely unavoidable for The Score. Building their brand on a solid foundation, Dover and Anthony are now ready to construct their steel walls and notch a climb into towering superstardom. Pop world, you better get ready.

Must-Listen Tracks: Where Do You Run, Livin Right

Grade: 4 out of 5

The Score's Where Do You Run EP is now available on Apple Music.

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