Incoming American Idol judge Steven Tyler made the rounds as part of the show's final season-10 press push today, and he's clearly trying to establish himself as the free spirit of the newly installed judges' panel, the person who's unafraid to throw down some Real Talk when things get quiet (or awkward, which will probably happen a lot as Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Tyler learn how to play off one another.) The Paula Abdul, if you will, although he's not afraid to talk about his rehab stint a lot.

In a preview of what will no doubt be a common theme during the forthcoming Idol season—which will be recapped almost-instantaneously on Popdust, episode by episode—ere are some of the best quotes he laid down today, when his itinerary included Live With Regis & Kelly, Howard Stern, and a conference call with reporters. We'll leave them context-free for the most part, because, well, it's more fun that way:

• "Well hellfire, save matches, fuck a duck, and see what hatches." (This was a clip from Idol that was incorporated into the Regis & Kelly segment, actually. "Fuck" was bleeped, obviously, but hearing it from a judge and not an angry contestant was something of a switcheroo.)

• "Randy was the shit."

• "Should I give a limerick? There once was a man from Kent / Who had one so long that it... no, I will not go there."

• "Did I not go with Zeppelin? I could have."

• "It should be bigger! Why isn't it bigger? You had—it was down to here, I saw your movie the other day!" (This is about Howard Stern's hair, by the way.)

• "I sent them all a letter that said, 'You'll miss me when I'm quiet.' "

• "I'm just bringing my Italian, I know how to work a room, Aunt Phyllis honesty -- 40 years as a front guy in Aerosmith who's judged the hell out of himself and kinda made a good career out of it, with hopes to find some kids in America here for American Idol to take the stage. No more, no less." Wait, doesn't he mean "No More No More"?

Also he said that watching The Back-Up Plan made him fall in love with Jennifer Lopez. Rom-coms: They have real-life effects!