After confirming their comeback plans in December, SISTAR's official sub-unit, SISTAR19, have released their first set of teaser photos.

In the pics, Hyorin and Bora can be seen posing in bed, all tousled hair and come-hither stares. Their whole look straddles the line between innocent and sexy, and isn't too far removed from the original batch of concept photos the duo put out when they released "Ma Boy" back in 2011. They've even brought the socks back. But as we've learned from SISTAR in the past, one can never trust their teasers. The group is always teasing one thing and then dropping another, and we refuse to be fooled by them again.

The new SISTAR19 single is currently pegged for release on January 31st, and it's probably going to be the biggest sub-unit single of 2013 -- if not the biggest girl group single overall. 2YOON's "24/7" turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, and although INFINITE H's "Special Girl" has done well, it'll be no match for SISTAR's digital sales. The superstar girl group had two of the highest-selling K-pop songs last year ("Alone" at No. 7, "Loving U" at No. 9), while "Ma Boy" was the fourteenth highest-seller of 2011 -- and that was back when SISTAR were still rising in popularity.

Yup, this comeback is gonna be huge.


[Via allkpop]